Xerisan ASA UK

Xerisan ASA Review, Side Effects, Stockists UK

Xerisan slimming pillThe slimming pill industry seems to flourish in the USA.

All diet pills are marketed in the same exaggerated way.  Each and every one of these pills claims to be “The Best” and Xerisan ASA is not an exception.

On its official website manufacturers claim that Xerisan is “The Best Fat Burner On The

Compared to prescription drugs, the majority of over-the-counter diet pills do not seem to follow specific rules and regulations in their production.  So, consumers have to be able to distinguish between those that are professionally made and those which are not so professionally created.

What Exactly Is Xerisan ASA?

Xerisan is mainly a fat burner, and as such its aim is to increase metabolism and energy levels. The product also claims to suppress appetite effectively.

Xerisan ASA Ingredients

The formula of this product contains the following three main ingredients:

  • Chromium Picolinate: It helps blood circulation and maintains the levels of.sugar in the blood.
  • Phaseolus Vulgaris: An extract from White Kidney beans which prevents starch from being turned into glucose.
  • Synephrine: This “active” ingredient comes from Citrus aurantium and is similar to ephedrine.

While we know enough about the ingredients contained in this product, the amount of each ingredient in its formula remains a secret.  At the same time, manufacturers claim that Xerisan is ascientifically proven weight loss method.”

Xerisan  ASA  Side Effects

There haven’t been reports for serious side effects, and most probably taking the pills won’t put your health at risk. However, you may experience the usual side effects that most fat burners cause such as headaches, sleeping disorders, agitation, restlessness or anxiety.

How Effective Is Xerisan ASA?

It does not seem to be really effective, and it certainly is not the slimming pill that will make you feel pleased with its results, especially if you don’t combine it with some kind of improvement in your diet, or if you don’t add an exercise plan in your daily routine.

Not recommended slimming pill

Where to Buy It In the UK

Xeisan is only available from the manufacturers’ official website, but its price won’t be a nice surprise to you.  It is a rather expensive product, especially when you know that there are no scientific studies or clinical evidence to support your choice.

Recommended Alternative Slimming Pill

Capsiplex chili slimming pillAs far as fat burners are concerned the UK has a pretty impressive array of products that are considered market leaders. Capsiplex for example has been the best selling fat burner in the UK, Australia, Canada and several other European countries for the last few years.

Built on the concept of capsicum, Capsiplex is both potent and natural – it can help users burn around 280 calories per serving, the equivalent of cycling for 40 minutes

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