Where To Buy Vysera CLS In The UK

vyseraukIs there such a thing as a “miracle pill” for losing weight? If you are one particular company, they will say that such a thing does exist—their newest product called Vysera CLS.

But they claim that the pill does more than just help you lose weight. It can also reshape your entire body by helping you lose unwanted inches from areas like your stomach, hips, thighs and waist.

Furthermore, it does not matter how many calories you consume every day. If you are taking Vysera CLS, as directed, your calorie consumption will not be an issue.

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Clinical Research Claims

According to the makers of Vysera CLS, the British Journal of Nutrition has published its results of this pill’s effect on weight loss and body composition. The study’s subjects took the Vysera CLS compound with their main meal of the day.

The researchers discovered that thirty minutes later, the subjects had a smaller increase in C-peptide and a lower percentage of their blood glucose increment from their baseline. When they measured the subjects again between forty-five minutes and two hours after they ate, the subjects also had a smaller insulin increase.

The other noticeable difference was how Vysera CLS affected ghrelin—the hunger hormone—and the subjects’ feeling of fullness as well as their urge to eat. At the end of the study, it was concluded that Vysera CLS led to significant reductions in body weight, BMI (body mass index), fat mass, the thickness of adipose tissue, and waist, hip and thigh measurements. The subjects were also able to maintain their lean body mass.

What is in Vysera CLS

What is In CLS Slimming pillsAside from the usual vitamins, calcium and coloring, there are two separate components—a proprietary weight control one and a proprietary energy/focus/mood one.

The weight control component consists of such ingredients as extract milk thistle, extract chlorella algae powder, Klamath blue-green algae powder, extract cacao among others.

The energy/focus/mood component includes cayenne powder, cutch tree powder, velvet bean powder, Panax ginseng powder, passionflower, Chinese skullcap powder and jujube powder to name a few.

These are mostly natural ingredients, each with its own unique properties and traits to help you lose weight while keeping your energy, focus and mood high.

Vysera CLS, Does it Work?

According to the company’s claims, it does work. However, their website does not provide any testimonials, reviews, or before and after pictures of people who have successfully used Vysera CLS.

They rely on the British study as proof that the pill works since it was published in a highly-regarded medical publication. But no other doctor, researcher or professional is cited, quoted or mentioned with regards to the effectiveness of Vysera CLS.

Another thing to consider is that they do not include any possible side effects on their website (although, through some research, one site listed nausea and gastrointestinal discomfort as two of those effects).

A lack of sufficient information is definitely pause for concern—especially for a product that is making such bold claims as this one. The cost is steep as well. Even with the preferred customer plan price, it will still end up costing you $950 for a one-year supply.

Should you Try Vysera CLS?

If you are a person who is willing to try anything based solely on its claims, this product is for you. However, if you require more information before taking any type of product or supplement, you may want to hold off on trying Vysera CLS. The information provided by the manufacturer is far from complete.

The lack of information concerning the product’s ingredients, potential side effects or customer reviews may leave you wondering if they are trying to hide something. Even more disturbing is that they state on their website that you could still eat between 2000 and 2200 calories a day, not exercise and still lose weight.

No reputable company aimed at helping people lose weight would tell you to keep your unhealthy habits while taking their product. Most would encourage some form of lifestyle modifications whether it is a change in diet or the addition of physical activity.

You can certainly give Vysera CLS a try, but be wary of what it claims and what it does not provide with regards to the product itself. Perhaps more information will be available once it goes into full distribution at the end of the year and then you can decide after that.

The Cost and the Regimen

The cost of Vysera CLS is $99 / £160 for a thirty-day supply which is for one pill per day. However, they offer a preferred customer plan where you can get automatically billed every thirty days at a cost of $79.20 / £120.00 Right now it is only available through the company (Bremenn Clinical) on their website. It is set to be fully distributed in December of this year.

Not Recommended

Where To Buy Vysera CLS In The UK

It is available it appear only through its sole official reseller/distributor Bremenn Clinical. The usual protagonists such as Boots, Holland and Barrett, Superdrug and Tesco do not supply.

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