Verdesse Green Coffee Slimming Pills

Verdesse 14.99 slimming pillMore and more diet aids are coming onto the market and one of the latest is the Verdesse green coffee pill.

As pills are easy to take and coffee is considered to be a safe product, it has become a popular supplement to take and this reputation is further enhanced due to there not being any caffeine involved.

It is doing well in the media and signs are that it is going to become even more popular over time. In many cultures the weight loss property of coffee has been known for a long time, but in the west it has been more of a drink, and it is only now that we are catching up.

Key Ingredients and What They Do

Green Coffee BeanAs the name suggests it is made of coffee and in particular the extract of the unripe bean. It works in two ways and that is to help stop the user feeling hungry and also works hard to burn fat that has already been stored.

Rather than have the effects of caffeine, the pills have a number of chlorogenic acids and the important one when it comes to burning fat is 5-caffeoylguinic acid. The metabolism is raised and as a result there are more calories used up when carrying out normal activities.

How Should it be Taken?

As the name suggests it is a pill and the recommended dose is 800mg a day. In an attempt to get better results there are reports of people taking double that and not suffering any side effects.

There are set amounts to take and this is 2 pills with each meal. It is recommended that no more are taken but many people do. As research has shown that the pill gets results, it is unlikely that people wanting to lose weight quickly will keep to the recommended dose, especially if they are on a short timescale.

Does It Work?

There has been research that shows that taking the pill does help with weight loss and even when there are only low doses used, it can lead to an additional 10% being lost. This is not the story from the manufacturers, but from scientists based in the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The full outcome was that if there were a number of green coffee pills taken each day AND a healthy diet followed along with an exercise regime, then there could be weight loss. A further advantage is that it is believed to help prevent diabetes by working against resistance to insulin.

There has been a different opinion given when it comes to safety and there are a number of professional working within the health arena who have concerns that there are side effects, mainly high blood pressure, an increase in anxiety and possibly most worryingly irritable bowel syndrome, but there does not seem to be much research to back this up.

Media Reports

GreenCoffeeMail-1Fox News was at the forefront of the publicity for the pills when the results of clinical trials were announced. In the UK, it was the Daily Mail newspaper that announced its arrival and described it as a “magic bean”.

There have been concerns that some tablets are being sold and they are not what they say they are. While not associated with a particular brand, there are worries that some do not contain green coffee extract but ephedrine. While worrying, it appears that these pills are coming from suppliers who are not controlled and the ones sold in America and Europe will be the real deal.

Celebrity Users

Celebrities have taken to the pill and it is claimed that users are Katy Perry, Demi Moore and Jennifer Lopez. While not giving their name there has been a well thought of Hollywood nutritionist who has admitted that they have many clients who are taking the Vedesse green coffee pill. Further advantages of taking the pill is the fact that they are meant to work against Alzheimer’s and also help keep skin in good condition.

Dr Oz has brought his audience in on the research into the slimming properties of green coffee beans and ran a random experiment having half using the pill and others a placebo. While it was a short experiment and only involved around 100 women, the ones using the green coffee pills did lose more weight than the ones taking the placebo.

Are they Safe?

As the green coffee pill is a natural product there are no concerns about any side effects. This is good news for users and has been based on research that has been carried out over a period of time. While it may not be suitable to take in the long term as there is a limit to how much weight needs to be lost, there is no evidence that there will be any adverse side effects.

Where To Buy Verdesse In the UK

The sole stockists appears to be the Nature’s best website. It does not appear to be available to buy on the UK high street in store at the likes of Holland and Barrett, Boots or Superdrug.

Recommended Green Coffee Slimming Pill

Green Coffee SvetolUK customers are advised to look a Evolution Slimming’s Svetol Green Coffee. it contains 400mg of extract and 50% CGA making it the highest strength brand in the world.

Evolution Slimming are based in Kent and ship worldwide – they are quickly becoming the most recognisable and trusted online stockists for weight loss products in not just the UK but across the globs.

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