Skinny Fiber UK – Does It Work, Is It A Scam

Skinny Fiber UKSkinny Fiber is a weight management supplement manufactured by the American company Skinny Body Care. The product is available to buy online, from several independent sites, and can also be found on both Amazon and eBay.

There is an official website, but although the site has an order button it is impossible to add anything to the virtual basket without first entering a referral number; so third party sites would appear to offer the best purchasing option.

Official website for Skinny FiberAt first glance the official website appears quite professional, but first impressions don’t count for much because the site contains no real information about the product, just a few vague promises and some nonsensical statements:

  • Fat is there for a reason. It protects the organs, regulates the hormones and a lot more besides.
  • The body needs to be confident that it can survive without its fat before fat loss can be achieved.

The website also encourages dieters to complete the Skinny Fiber 90 Day Challenge, to get a free T-shirt, and the chance to win $1,000, on top of all their other “exciting prizes”. More than anything else, though, the site appears to be designed to attract affiliate partners to help promote the product.

UK customers may struggle to find the product on Amazon UK though, because although the site lists some of Skinny Fiber’s other blends, the original product is strangely absent.

What is Skinny Fiber and How Does it Work?

Skinny Fiber is an appetite suppressant. The recommended dose is two capsules, taken twice a day, 30 minutes before the largest meals of the day so that the main ingredient (glucomannan) has time to expand in the stomach, make it feel full, and dull the appetite.  Should the need arise; it is permissible to increase the dose to 3 capsules, taken twice a day.

Other promised benefits include:

  • The support of healthy digestion
  • Support for the normal detoxification process
  • May help promote weight loss

The use of the word “may” is a strange choice. It suggests the manufacturers “may” lack confidence in their product, and this does not compare well with the can-do attitude shown by so many of their competitors.

Key Ingredients

The official website provides no information about the ingredients used in the blend, but two of them are listed on the company’s Facebook page. A little digging about online reveals that there is also a third ingredient added to the mix, but no inclusion rates are stated.

  • Glucomannan:  A fibrous ingredient sourced from a perennial plant. The consumed fibres absorb large quantities of water, swell up, and make the stomach feel full.
  • Caralluma:  Extracted from a plant that grows wild in India. The plant has a history of use in tribal culture, where chunks of caralluma were often consumed to keep hunger at bay during long hunts. Caralluma may also cause or aggravate gastro-intestinal problems though, so it may not be suitable for all users.
  • Cha de Bugre:  The fruit of a South American tree. It has many medicinal uses, and is also believed to act as an appetite suppressant, but supporting evidence is lacking and there is some concern over reported incidents of negative reactions with medications.

Success Stories

The official website contains all the usual positive testimonials that most dieters have come to expect from a manufacturer’s website, all of them backed up by pictures that would be more convincing if a side view had been used for the “after” shot.

Independent reviews are also available and many of them are less than glowing:

“The product does not seem to be helping. It does not make me feel full like it should with it being fiber.”

“Every time took skinny fiber it made me very sick to my stomach not at all for me cant use”

Skinny Fiber Possible Side Effects

The official Facebook page states that no side effects have been reported, but many independent reviews record negative reactions to the capsules, and there are known issues with some of the ingredients; so an element of caution is advised before deciding to use this product.

Pregnant and nursing mothers should avoid it completely, and anyone who has known health issues should seek medical advice before use.

Does It Work, Is It Recommended

Skinny Fiber is not a recommended product. The primary focus of the manufacturer’s website appears to be to entice new affiliate business partners, to help promote the product, instead of providing the consumer with useful information.

The company’s Facebook page contains a little more information, as does their sales page, but the information on offer is still insufficient to aid consumers in making an informed buying decision, and it stands to reason that the primary source of information about any product should be the official website.

The 90 Day Challenge also fails to impress because it appears to be nothing more than a marketing ploy to encourage consumers to buy their product in the hopes of winning a cash sum.

Other areas of concern include:

  • Lack of inclusion rates
  • Possibility of side effects
  • Nonsensical statements about dieting
  • Some customers report negative reactions

With so many alternatives available, none of this is acceptable and fails to instil confidence in the product. Many better options are available.

Where To Buy Skinny Fiber UK

Can be ordered from the official website as well as several resellers including Amazon.

Recommended Alternative Slimming Pill

best slimming tabletsThere are several products that we rank over and above Skinny Fiber. Phen375 and Garcinia Extra being the two that we recommend consistently.

If you are a UK based customer then where to products is shipped from should play an important part in your decision. Both Phen375 and Gracinia Extra ship from within the UK.

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