Purple Tiger Slimming Pills Review

Purple Tiger slimming pillsPurple Tiger Diet pills are one of several health and fitness products marketed by Vista Health Products. Very little is known about the company, but the mailing address listed on their official website is a post office box in Summerville, Georgia; so it is probably reasonable to presume the company is based within a commutable distance.

As well as an official company website, Vista Health Products also have a dedicated site they use to market their Purple Tiger range, but both sites are seem very cluttered, stand out as being poorly designed, and strongly suggest Purple Tiger is being marketed by amateurs.

This makes it hard to discount the possibility that the whole range may be private label products and it is worth noting that, with a price tag of over £25 / $40 for a bottle of 60 pills, Purple Tiger are not the cheapest dieting option.

Proposed Benefits of Purple Tiger Slimming Pills

Much about Vista Health products fails to impress, but the company deserve a pat on the back for coming up with the catchy slogan, “Energy Like a Tiger, Appetite Like a Bird”.

Claims made for the product include:

  • Weight loss and increased energy
  • Sense of wellbeing
  • Suppressed appetite
  • Faster metabolism
  • Reduced fat storage

The company also claim their blend is fast acting and “like no other product available”, but they provide no evidence to back up any claims made and appear to expect the consumer to just take their word for everything and buy the product without any proof it will work.

Recommended Dosage – How To Take

The official site fails to provide any information about how to take the pills, but one of the affiliate-run website shows a picture of the label. This states the serving is two capsules, but does not elaborate on how often the serving should be taken or in what way.

Key Ingredients

The blend contains a lengthy list of ingredients, but the biggest part of the formulation consists of a proprietary blend, so very few inclusion rates are provided.

Vitamin B-6Vitamin B-12
Calcium AquaminB-Phenylalanine
1, 3 Dimethylamylamine (Geranium plant)Zinc
Dark Cocoa PowderCholine Bitartrate
MagnesiumAlpha Keto Glutaric Acid
Green TeaTrace Minerals
5HTPVanadium Sulfate

Green tea is known to be a healthy ingredient and it has a strong reputation for assisiting weight loss, but it is disputable what benefits the rest of the mix may provide. None of them offer scientifically proven weight loss results, and some do offer the possibility of side effects.

Customer Feedback

Purple Tiger diet pills have been available for several years, but independent feedback is hard to find. The official site shares a few positive testimonials, and these are reproduced on the affiliate sites, but endorsements from such a biased source are not to be relied upon and if “Charlie lost 110 lbs.” the before and after pictures fail to support such a significant weight loss. The fact that he is shown standing on top of a disclaimer that states “Results are not Typical” does little to encourage buyer confidence.

Potential Side Effects

Vista Health fail to mention any potential side effects, but several of the ingredients are known to be problematic.

  • Caffeine:  Can cause restlessness, jitters, nausea, headaches and heart palpitations
  • Chromium: Has been linked to liver problems.
  • Magnesium:  High doses of magnesium are not suitable for anyone with heart block.
  • B-Phenylalanine: If the body’s normal level of phenylalanine is already high, supplementation with B-Phenylalanine has the potential to cause cardio-vascular problems and mental retardation.

Several of the other ingredients are just as problematic, so medical advice is strongly recommended before use.

Do We Recommend

There is no evidence to support any of the claims made for Purple Tiger diet pills and they will likely prove to be a waste of money. It is also possible that using the blend may result in side effects, but there are many other factors that suggest extreme caution before choosing to try this blend:

  • Very little is known about the manufacturer
  • May be a private label product
  • Company address is a post office box
  • Amateurish website
  • Lack of independent customer feedback
  • Untested product
  • Lucrative financial incentives offered to encourage third party product promotion

Purple Tiger diet pills are not a recommended product. Many better options are available and the consumer is advised to look elsewhere.

Where to Buy Purple Tiger Slimming Pills UK

The product can be bought from the Vista Health website direct – there are a few cavetas by choosing to sign up for the “autoship” option and receive a monthly supply of pills funded by automatic billing, do a google search for ‘Auto-billing slimming pills and see for yourself just a bad idea this payment scheme is.

Amazon and eBay also offer buying options.

Other Slimming Pill To Consider

what are the best slimming pills as recommended by whichslimmingpillPurple Tiger seems to have included such a diverse range of ingredients and target their product to many different mechanics of action its hard to position one specific product against it.

For this reason we invite you take a look at our recommended slimming pills guide where we have detailed our choice for a UK based buyer based on important criteria such as results, safety and price.

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