Prescopodene Review, Does It Work, Side Effects and Where To Buy

Prescopodene reviewPrescopodene is manufactured for men and women in the U.K, America, Australia, and Canada who are looking to burn off unwanted fat and get a tighter and sexier body.

But the real question is are these legitimate claims or is this just another of the many weight loss supplement scams that do not work as advertised?

We take a closer look and see if this self-styled ‘best seller’ lives up to expectation.

Prescopodene – How It Works

Prescopodene UK websiteThe makers of Prescopodene claim that it stimulates the Thermogenesis process in the body to help in weight loss.

This process occurs in most all warm blooded animals and it is the process of turning the food you eat into heat and/or energy.

If this process is out of sorts in a person, these calories could very well be stored as fat that can add to a weight problem.  Thermogenesis can also burn fat when there is an absence of enough calories, instrumental in weight loss.  Prescopodene also has ingredients that can stifle the appetite and provide for more energy that can further aid in weight loss.

Key Ingredients

Prescopodene has many of the common ingredients found in natural weight loss supplements.

Green tea in PrescopodeneGreen tea has gotten plenty of press in recent years for being an effective antioxidant and it is known to speed up metabolism, increase energy levels, and oxidize fat.

Grape Seed extract, another ingredient in Prescopodene, helps to delay the absorption of food and it also suppresses the appetite.  Vitamin C helps to increase the absorption rate of other ingredients in Prescopodene.

Also includes Bitter Orange (Advantra-Z) – there have been several independent reports and warning concerning its use.

Bitter Orange Warning

Media Focus

Prescopodene has seen some good press recently, with articles on news style web sites in Australia citing it as once again topping the sales charts for weight loss supplements.

Customers swore by the effectiveness of the product and believed it was responsible for their remarkable weight loss. The feeling is that these can be taken with not the smallest pinch of salt tas that have all the hallmarks of self generation.


Like most any weight loss product sold over the internet, Prescopodene makes a lot of claims about the effectiveness of their product, but a quick investigation found some rather disturbing information about it.

Advantra-ZOne of the active ingredients in Prescopodene is Advantra-Z.  It is a compound that started being used in weight loss supplements after Ephedra was banned.  An extract derived from bitter orange, it was intended to provide all of the benefits of Ephedra without the not so nice side effects.  The shocking truth is that it can increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes – as mentioned above

While there are testimonials on the home page of the product that sings its praises, a quick internet search revels a much different story. Reviews of the product tend to be very high, 5-stars, or the very lowest, 1-star, which makes one wonder just where the middle ground is on this product.

Another glaring red flag is that Prescopodene makes the claim that it was clinically proven to work in a leading American research institute.  But there is no link to back this claim other than a pop-up that appears to only be the conclusions made by the trial.  This is disturbing as products that have actually been proven to work in clinical trials will list all of the links that back up their claims.

Is It Recommended

Since it is known that one of the active ingredients in Prescopodene can increase the risk of strokes and heart attacks, a confident endorsement of this product simply cannot be made.  In addition, the lack of clinical studies to back the claims of the makers and no guarantee of money back if the product does not work are additional red flags that anyone considering buying this product should be aware of.

That the makers claim that a clinical trial was done, but cannot verify that claim is another strike against this weight loss product that cannot be ignored.  The verdict in this product from where we stand is a resounding no.

Where To Buy Prescopodene In the UK

Can be purchased from their own website, there doesn’t appear to be any independent retailer that stocks

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