Nuphedragen Review, Does It Work, UK Stockists

nuphedragen Uk reviewDiet pills seem to be everywhere. There is a huge weight loss market, and non-prescription slimming products far outnumber the prescription-only ones.

Most people who want to lose weight buy non-prescription diet pills over the counter or on the Internet.

There are three main categories of slimming tablets:  Fat burners, Fat binders and Appetite Suppressants. Nuphedragen does not seem to clearly belong to any one of them.

Nuphedragen is a non-prescription diet pill identical to Fenphedra, and it wouldn’t make a difference if you bought one or the other.

Nuphedragen can be classed as a potent stimulant, but its description is so complicated that it’s difficult to understand how it works.  Manufacturers of the product claim that the powerful ingredients in the product stimulate CART and inhibit NPY!!!

These are exactly the same claims the Fenphedra manufacturers make. Additionally, both products declare that they are “Chemically altered.”

CART NPYHere is the opening statement on the Nuphedragen official website and how they try to impress potential buyers:

“Through years of study and breakthroughs in modern science we’ve discovered the key to long term weight loss success. And you can only find this compound inside of NUPHEDRAGEN, weight loss solution.”

If you want to learn how the Nuphedragen Company wants to make the weight loss battle so complex, read the following explanation about CART and NPY.

According to what they say, the reason why we gain weight is the internal battle in our brain between CART and NPY. Just like the battle of Good versus Evil.

CART is the “Good” part of the brain and when it is stimulated, metabolism increases, insulin levels rise to give us more energy, and make us burn fat more easily. The CART initials stand for: Cfor cocainefor amphetamineR for regulatory and T for transcript.

So, when this brain centre is stimulated, all the good things happen and you lose weight.

On the opposite side, the “Bad” part of the brain is the NPY, whose initial stand for neuropeptide-Y.  This is a stress hormone which lowers metabolism, makes the body temperature drop, increases appetite and makes us eat more. So this part has to be inhibited.

Side Effects

Almost all diet pills have some mild side effects, such as nervousness, headaches and insomnia.  Nuphedragen does not seem to be an exception, but your health won’t be at risk.

Recommended or Not?

Not recommended.  Buy something more natural without strong, chemical stimulants.

Not recommended slimming pill

Alternative Diet Pills

Capsiplex chili slimming pillCapsiplex is the chili diet pill that had a quite spectacular introduction to the commercial market by selling over 50,000 units in its first three days.

Capsiplex uses the heat from capsicum (chili pepper) to cause a thermogenic reaction that can help burn around 280 calories per serving.

Capsiplex is arguably the best selling slimming pill in the UK

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