The Pina Colada Diet Plan – with Garcinia Cambogia tablets and meltwater

Pina Colada Diet Plan reviewDespite its enticing name, the Pina Colada Diet does not rely on alcohol to achieve the promised weight loss results. The diet takes its name from the cocktail-flavored protein shakes that are so important to the diet’s success.

Shakes with a tropical taste are only a small part of the Pina Colada Diet though. Dieters who wish to shed excess pounds the Pina Colada way need to take a serious approach to weight loss and make some changes to their diet and lifestyle as well.

The diet appears to be more popular with women—who are promised drop in dress size in just four weeks—but there is no reason why the Pina Colada Diet could not be practiced by male dieters as well.

what is the Pina Colada diet plan

The Pina Colada Concept

Some dieters may find it hard to stick to the Pina Colada Diet because there is no alcohol allowed and physical exercise is also an integral part of the system. Several meals each week must be replaced by a shake and any meals that are eaten must be healthy and contain lots of fruit and vegetables—to provide plenty of vitamin C.

Changing to a healthy, low fat, reduced calorie diet is obviously going to have a positive effect on the health of any dieter, and hopefully on their waistlines as well. The same can be said for regular exercise, but the Pina Colada diet also entails the use of two more—very important—dietary aids: melt water and garcinia cambogia diet tablets.

What is Melt Water and How Does it Assist Weight Loss?

Meltwater what is itMelt water is simple and easy to prepare at home. A tap and a freezer are the only requirements. Water is poured into an airtight container and placed in the freezer. A couple of hours later ice will have formed on the inside of the container. This should be removed and thrown away. The remaining liquid is then returned to the container and allowed to finish freezing. It is then removed from the freezer and allowed to thaw ready for use.

The aforementioned process removes salts and other undesirable elements from the water,  but vital minerals such as calcium and magnesium are retained and the resulting ‘melt water’ is believed to have the power to purge the body of toxins while also providing a fat-busting boost to the metabolism.

What is Garcinia Cambogia and What are its Benefits?

What is Garcinia CambogiaGarcinia Cambogia is a species of fruit that be found growing in many Asian countries. It has a long history of use as a food, is known to be highly nutritious, and has become a popular ingredient in weight loss formulations since its fat-fighting potential was highlighted on by the American TV personality Dr. Oz Mehmet, who called it a ‘magic’ aid to weight loss.

Scientific tests have revealed the fruit is high in hydroxycitric acid (HCA) and this is believed to provide garcinia cambogia with its power. HCA has a strong reputation for effective appetite suppression, but its greatest potential as a weight loss aid comes from its ability to restrict the formation of fresh fat cells. Dr. Oz demonstrated this on his show and also conducted a study using members of his audience. The results were impressive and garcenia cambogia has since become a buzz word in dieting circles.

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An Overview of the Pina Colada Diet

  • Days begin with a glass of melt water.
  • A typical breakfast may consist of Greek yoghurt, nuts, and blueberries.
  • Lunch could be a plate of stir fry or a helping of lean turkey breast and vegetables, but for five days of every dieting week lunch is replaced by a Pina Colada-flavoured Re:Active Skinny Shake.
  • Dinner may be lean meat or fish with steamed vegetables.

Garcinia cambogia tablets are taken prior to each meal, to help suppress the appetite and encourage efficient metabolization of the ingested food and there should be at least one training session each week (typically 45 mins to an hour).

Media Coverage

Pina Colada before and after

The Daily Mail tested the Pina Colada Diet on a young lady named Deni who had ‘piled on the pounds over Christmas’ and was trying to rectify the damage to her figure. After four weeks Deni was ‘absolutely thrilled’ with the results.

  • 2″ lost from her hips
  • 2″ lost from her waist
  • Toned physique

The Diet in Perspective

The Pina Colada Diet does not promise a quick fix solution to unwanted love-handles or sagging bottoms, but it provides a structured approach to weight loss that should produce some good results for anyone who is willing to get with the program, stick with the program and see it through to the end. The diet also offers the advantage of being free from stimulants and other ingredients that may cause side effects.

It’s not a crash diet. Adequate nutrition is allowed and any hunger pangs that may be experienced by normally heavy eaters should be kicked into touch by the garcinia cambogia tablets.

Garcinia Cambogia slimming pillsThe tablets should also help prohibit the growth of fresh fat cells and, combined with the recommended exercise, help to burn off existing fat deposits.

The Pina Colada Diet should work, and will probably work for most people, but only if they allow it to work by hanging in there and following it through to the end and with dieting that is usually the hardest thing of all.

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