Fastin Review UK

Fastin Slimming PillsFastin are very popular diet pills in the USA. It is classed in the category of fat loss products, while in the UK it is classed as a weight losspill, because the phrase “fat loss” is not used in the UK.

There are several English words and phrases that Americans use in a wrong way, but this time the phrase ‘fat loss’ conveys the literal meaning of what this slimming product does.

Fastin seems to win the battle of advertisement by making its fat loss target clear, but we still have to know how it compares to the hundreds of other similar products on the market.

Diet pill manufacturers, especially the ones in the USA, try to impress consumers with names of chemical substances and difficult medical terms, which mean nothing to customers.  It’s like trying to blind them with science.

Generally, manufactures can be divided in two categories.  The first category includes those who promote low-quality products in such a way as to trap customers to buy them.

In the second category, manufacturers with really good and effective slimming products fail to attract customers because of poor marketing tactics. Fastin is somewhere in between those two categories.

What Exactly Is Fastin?

Fastin are fat loss intensifier slimming tablets which stimulate the central nervous system and boosts energy levels. Fastin was originally a prescription drug, but when its production discontinued, Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals brought it to the market as a non-prescription drug, under the same name but with a different composition.

Its main ingredient is phenylethylamine which is a stimulant that can be found in chocolate, and can affect appetite, mood and the overall feeling of well being.

Fastin is now available over the counter without the need of a doctor’s prescription or supervision.

How Effective Is Fastin?

The product does not seem to be very effective for weight loss.  Its ambition is to reach the effectiveness of other slimming products that contain Phentermine, but apparently without much success.

Fastin Side Effects

There are several side effects connected with Fastin, which is not recommended for long-term use.

  • Blood pressure increase
  • Palpitation or tachycardia
  • Drowsiness, dizziness or insomnia
  • Headaches and fatigue
  • Nausea and dryness of the mouth

Money Back Guarantee

There is a 30-day money back guarantee.

Product Summary and Recommendation

The product seems rather outdated in comparison to modernPhentermine slimming tablets, and because it is a mainly US distributed product, its cost is rather prohibitive for UK consumers.

Moreover, it is not suitable for long term use and there are strange inconsistencies and practices concerning the marketing of the product.

Better Alternative Diet Pill

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