Bliss FatGirl Six Pack Review

Bliss Fat GirlDespite its misleading name FatGirl Six Pack is unlikely to turn any jelly-bellies into sculpted and toned midriffs that demand attention on the beach. It’s a skin-tightening product, nothing more, nothing less.

The gel is produced as by the international Spa giant Bliss. The company was founded in New York in 1996, but has since gone global. Bliss also produces a range of health and beauty treatments. Those bearing the FatGirl label are designed for customers who wish to try and recreate the spa experience in the comfort of their own homes and get down to some serious self-pampering. SixPack is marketed as tummy-toning gel and, despite the fact that Bliss admits it is a skin toning gel only, the name itself is apt to make it become confused with a muscle toning system.

Usage Instructions

Gel should be applied twice a day via the can’s built-in applicator, which must be placed onto the skin. Pressure is then applied to dispense the gel which should be massaged into the midsection, using a circular motion, for 20 to 30 seconds.

*Note: Bliss suggest the gel be used in conjunction with a weight management program and admit a six pack can only be obtained through a combination of regular exercise and healthy eating.

Key Ingredients

IngredientPromised BenefitsLikely Benefits
CaffeineDecreases bloating/fluid retentionSome tests show caffeine may help improve the appearance of cellulite, but results are likely to be very slight and of a temporary nature
Amino AcidsProvides targeted toning and improved circulationSome scientists believe amino acids may strengthen collagen in the skin, help reduce wrinkles, and protect against sun damage.
CreatineBoosts cellular metabolismResearchers at the cosmetic dermatologist company Beiersdorf recently discovered creatine may provide anti-ageing benefits when included in skin care products.
Oat Kernel ExtractGives you a firmer appearanceThis is true, but results are temporary
Manilkara Tree Extract (rich in latex)Yet another great skin firmerSome tests show the ingredient may provide a firmer skin by  stimulating dermal elastin synthesis
MentholSkin lightener and source of that great cooling sensationKnown to produce the promise cooling sensation, but can also irritate sensitive skin

Side Effects and Health Issues

Most people should be able to use FatGirl Six Pack without encountering any negative issues, but some people’s skin is more sensitive than others’ so any form of topical application carries the risk of side effects. In this case the menthol content may be the most likely culprit if side effects such as itching or red skin are experienced.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback shows a mixed response to the product.

One blissful user states:

“I love this product worth my money. I’ve started getting smaller within a few days never told my boyfriend about it and even he noticed. Just keep in mind you HAVE to be eating well and exercising”

By the manufacturer’s admission, Six Pack does not produce weight loss, so the results mentioned are probably attributed to healthy eating and regular exercise.

Another satisfied customer states:

“Great product. Easy to use and I already feel like its working after only a week. It’s not for weight loss but I feel like its keeping my skin tight as I’m losing weight with exercise.”

Other customers are not impressed and say so in the bluntest terms:

“Not even close to making any difference. I think the menthol is added in there to make you think something’s happenings, but it’s just an ingredient. This product is just crap with a fancy name.”

“it does not work and is a waste of money! I used as directed and NO RESULTS! do not buy”

The Bottom Line

Bliss products are designed to reproduce the spa experience in the home. That’s all very well in theory and a lot of women may find such an idea attractive, but it’s hard to see how sitting at home and spending 20 to 30 seconds applying gel to the stomach can be classed as self-pampering. It certainly does not hold up well in comparison to a spa treatment. It all seems rather pointless, so as an alternative to day at the spa FatGirl Six Pack is a very poor second.

As for the tummy-enhancing benefits, Bliss admits a six pack can only be obtained by a combination healthy eating and regular exercise. That being the case the only benefit the gel offers is as a skin tighter. It’s certainly possible that some of the ingredients may cause a temporary tightening of the skin, but £35 is a lot to pay for such limited and temporary results, so FatGirl Six Pack fails to pack enough punch to gain a recommendation. Our advice?  Use the £35 to purchase an effective fat burning product or put it towards a gym membership instead.

Purchasing Options

FatGirl Six Pack can be purchased from Bliss Spas or from the official Bliss website and carries a hefty £35 price tag for a 145 ml can. The product is also available from many other online sources though, including Amazon, so diligent shoppers may source a can for £22 to £25, but one thing remains constant through all sources—there is no money back guarantee

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