Activ8 X Diet Drops Review

Active8 website UKWeight loss in a bottle? That is what the makers of Activ8 X think they have with their product.

Orally taken slimming capsules are still the most popular, followed by slimming patches but now some of the newly introduced diet drops are making inroads in the commercial marketplace  

Activ8 X claims they can help anyone lose weight without making big changes to their current diet. Is this all wishful thinking on their part (and on the part of eager consumers) or did they really create a bottle full of promises that actually works?

Activ8 X are owned and distributed by AMAS Enterprises a British company that appears to value customer satisfaction and understands the value of a reputation. So confident are AMAS that they offer a  generous 200 day money back guarantee with each purchase. There is also a free diet plan give away with every order.

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What is Active8X?

Activ8 x dropsActiv8 X are liquid drops that contain ten potent ingredients which are each designed to burn fat, control hunger, boost your metabolism and energy, and block carbohydrate absorption. For fat burning, capsicum, green tea leaf extract and beta alanine are used. Capsicum is found in red peppers and is often harsh on the stomach.

But when they are put into liquid drop form, they go directly into your bloodstream bypassing digestive discomfort. Green tea leaf extract has been proven in many studies to be an effective fat burner. Beta alanine is an amino acid that will preserve your muscles while you burn fat.

Chromium and grapefruit powder are shown to help people control their hunger. The chromium leaves you feeling full while the grapefruit powder curbs sugar cravings. Pyruvate and garcinia are used to boost your metabolism while increasing your energy. Finally, grape seed extract, African mango and panax ginseng block the absorption of carbohydrates into your bloodstream so the sugar does not become fat.

The drops can be taken with just about any diet plan you are on whether it is high protein, low carbohydrates, low fat or a combination of the three. One bottle, which is a one-month supply, costs $82.50 (£49.99). You also receive a free diet e-book with your purchase. You can also order a two and three-month supply that reduces the price per bottle.

Activ8 X Positives

woman using diet dropsOne thing is for sure—the Activ8 X is not lacking in scientific information regarding each one of its ten main ingredients. They do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to the science behind their product and proof that it works. There are also several testimonials on the website from satisfied customers. A one-hundred percent money-back guarantee is also welcome news for anyone who is a bit sceptical about the product since they have the option to return it if it does not work for them.

Along with your bottle of Activ8 X comes a free diet e-book (which is 80 pages long and very well written). Several diet plan options are given so you know what you should be eating and how to use the product in conjunction with your meals. This is a helpful tool for anyone who is unsure what healthy meals should look like.

Activ8 X Negatives

Probably the biggest problem with Activ8 X is the price – at £50 for a month supply it is certainly not the cheapest and quite possibly the most expensive commercial product we have reviewed. To offset this though there is the long 200 day money back guarantee to take into consideration plus of course the many positive independent reviews to back up the manufacturers claims. The £50 price tag doesn’t really seem that steep when you consider that there are many, many products that range from £10 to £30 a month are at best ineffective and at worst a rip off.

Should You Try Activ8 X?

diet drops what are theyThe product is not a bad one by any means. With all the scientific data that it provides, it would be difficult to argue that the ingredients are bogus or do not work. And including a healthy diet plan is a nice complement to taking Activ8 X.

However, one could argue that by following the healthy diet plan alone, there would be no need for the product itself. After all, eating right and exercising are the key factors to long-term and successful weight loss.

If you are a sucker for science, this product may be one you want to try. But if you are on a budget or need more information than fancy graphs and charts, you may prefer going a different route with a weight loss supplement. If you want our opinion it is most definitely worth buying

Highly Recommended

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