Full & Slim Drink – Can It Replace a Gastric Band

Full SLim reviewFull & Slim is the new diet drink that has been released for 2014 with a media campaign that has appeared in the Daily Mail, Daily Express and several other tabloid style publications.

The editorials suggest that Full and Slim has a similar mechanic of action to a gastric band in so much as it can restrict appetite and cause a feeling of fullness that does not allow any more food to be consumed.

The obvious end result of being full quicker is that calorie consumption is cut meaning a reduction in weight over the short, medium and longer term.

Appetite Suppressants are highly effective – although Full and Slim is receiving media attention it is nothing new. Arguably the most effective appetite suppressant on the commercial is PhenQ – PhenQ is also a fat burner and fat blocker – Read more

How Does Full and Slim Work

Konjac root appetite suppressorGastric banding is physical apparatus that fits around a part of the stomach that makes the stomach capacity much less. The problem with gastric banding is that it is obtrusive, expensive and not without considerable dangers.

The makers of Full and Slim on the other hand suggest that can achieve the same result bu using a natural ingredient. This natural ingredient is called Glucomannan (pictured left) a water based dietary fibre that can expand several times its size when it comes into contact with water.

When Glucomannan is introduced to the watery lining of your stomach it expands, this in turn sends a signal to the brain to say that the stomach is full.

Glucomannan – is derived from the Konjac root, a natural plant source that is grown in many areas around the world.

In clinical trials a number of subjects were given 4g of glucomannan each day for just over a month. They recorded a 5.1 % loss in overall body weight, as well as a 5.54% reduction in their BMI (Body Mass Index) and 14% decrease in their cholesterol level.

Is Full And Slim Worth Buying

woman drinking diet drinkThere is nothing ultimately wrong with Full and Slim (Full&Slim) it has a good main ingredient, it has a reputable company responsible for production and a rather good story.

There are one two caveats though that make it difficult to recommend.

Firstly, there is another ingredient involved (l-carnitine, an amino acid) there is not much in way of research that indicates it ha a relation to the weight loss process.

The second caveat is the price. Full&Slim costs £28.95 for a weeks supply …so a full month equates to well over £100.

Where To Buy Full&Slim

Not yet available to buy over the counter

Recommended Alternative

PhenQ ukIt is our opinion that PhenQ is the diet product of choice especially of customers based in the UK and United States.

PhenQ is multi action and multi benefit – it is covered by a 60 day money back guarantee and can be delivered without a delivery cost anywhere in the world.

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Coffee Slender – Coffee, tablets and chewing gum

Coffee Slender Diet AidHaving a cup of coffee in the morning is how many start their day. Did you know that it is possible that your morning cup of coffee could help you slim down? Coffee Slender is one of the first diet supplements of its kind.

The supplement, which has been on the market for quite some time, has been known to utilize caffeine as a catalyst for weight loss. This alternative might be more appealing to those who are leery of diet pills or other supplements that are unfamiliar or possibly unnatural.

But because Coffee Slender has been out there for a while, it is curious as to whether or not it is still as groundbreaking as it once was.

There are three products in the range: Coffee Slender drink, tablets and chewing gum

What is Coffee Slender?

Svetol in Coffee SlenderCoffee Slender contains a combination of Svetol, which is a patented extract, and freeze-dried coffee.

Coffee has the ability to enhance weight loss due to its high concentration of a natural chemical called chlorogenic acid, which is derived from green coffee beans. Chlorogenic acid is said to prevent glucose absorption as well as maintain blood sugar levels.

When the blood sugar is at a normal level, you are less likely to have sugar cravings.  In addition, chlorogenic acid is said to lower insulin production. Consequently, you will store less fat in your body.

While many studies have shown the chemical’s weight loss benefits, other studies have proven that chlorogenic acid also contains strong antioxidants. This means that it is also capable of keeping your body free from harmful substances, thus mitigating your chances of contracting disease.

Coffee slender product line upAll of these things are great, but is Coffee Slender natural? Yes, in fact, Coffee Slender coffee is completely natural. Because it has more chlorogenic acid in it than a regular cup of coffee, it is proven more effective for weight loss. Plus, it is just as easy to prepare as instant coffee. Simply boil water and add the coffee, and you are all set.

Each cup of Coffee Slender coffee contains 60 mg of caffeine, and it is recommended to consume with meals. If coffee isn’t really your thing, Coffee Slender also offers supplemental tablets, which are completely caffeine-free. Each tablet is equivalent to one cup of coffee.

If you choose to take the tablet, it is also suggested that you take it with food. That’s not all. Coffee Slender also offers its product in the form of chewing gum and mints. These alternatives are also caffeine-free.

Coffee Slender Positives

Coffee-slender-websiteBecause of Coffee Slender’s longevity on the market, it has become a well-known and reputable supplement that is both safe and natural.

In addition, the vast studies that have been conducted on the product’s effectiveness make it much more appealing than other supplements out there. And finally, Coffee Slender offers a wide variety of ways to consume and enjoy its product.

Offering the supplement in the form of chewing gum, mints, and tablets allows those who dislike coffee or have reactions to caffeine to enjoy the benefits of Coffee Slender coffee.

Coffee Slender Negatives

Unfortunately for Coffee Slender, the product is not the issue, rather, the fact that its website is not very user friendly and does not offer any guidance about where to purchase the product. For example, you cannot actually purchase Coffee Slender on their website, and they offer no pricing information. Instead, you have to search out the product for yourself on other websites and through search engines to actually find a company that sells it.

It would be much easier if Coffee Slender distributed it directly on their website. In addition, the site does not really offer much in terms of customer testimonials. These are usually very helpful for consumers, and it helps the product sell.

Finally, the website does not offer a comprehensive list of ingredients. It only suggests that the product contains Svetol and coffee. In this day and age, consumers expect to know what is in a product before they purchase it.

Is Coffee Slender Recommended

As mentioned previously, Coffee Slender has been on the market for quite some time. Therefore, there is certainly nothing wrong with using this product. It has withstood the test of time, which might be its biggest asset, but it also might be its worst asset. Because the product has not changed over the years, it does not compete with the latest products. For example, there are other products out there that have proven just as successful, if not more. In addition, many of these products are more transparent about their product’s ingredients and the cost.

To keep up with the competition, Coffee Slender would have to follow suit, because today’s customers expect much more out of a product. In conclusion, while Coffee Slender is effective and safe, there might be better options when it comes to a weight loss supplement.

Recommended Product

Green Coffee SvetolArguably the most popular coffee product on the market today is Svetol Green Coffee from Kent based Evolution Slimming.

It contains 400mg of actual extract with 50% CGA. It does not contain any unnecessary ingredients that many rival supplements seem to include. There is also a 2 months money back guarantee.

 Click to read about Svetol Green Coffee from Evolution Slimming

SlimStrips – Natural Slimming Strips

Slimstrips slimming patchesAre you trying to lose weight with little or no success? Like most people, losing weight can be a lifelong battle with no end in sight. With obesity at alarmingly high rates these days, a whole new crop of weight loss aids are popping up all over the place.

Tablets, powders, capsules and potions are just among a few of the weight loss supplements that you can find in stores or order online.

SlimStrips offers a unique way to lose weight, but does its uniqueness actually work?

What Are SlimStrips?

Official SlimStrips websiteSlimStrips are adhesive strips, similar to a band-aid, that contain a proprietary blend of natural herbs, botanicals and plants including Yerba Mate, spirulina, passion flower and chamomile that are supposed to suppress your appetite when absorbed into the skin.

You apply the strip onto a clean and dry spot on your body once a day and, according to the manufacturer, you will experience a reduced appetite which means you will eat less and lose weight in the process. The strip releases these effective natural ingredients into your body as opposed to taking a pill or any other digestible weight loss product.

Woman with Slimming patchOne box of SlimStrips contains thirty strips—a month’s supply. The cost is $64.15 / £39.00. There is also a two-month supply option that costs $107.83 / £65.00.

It is recommended that you apply the strip in the morning and on your wrist, thigh or arm where there is little to no hair as that can affect the absorption of the strip’s ingredients.

The product is made by a company in Ireland, but is sold through their website.

SlimStrips Positives

The idea of applying a strip to your skin each day is as easy as it gets. And with all natural ingredients, it is safe to say that you will not have to worry much about any serious adverse effects.

The product’s website also features several free electronic books and PDF files that you can download that will help you with your health and fitness goals as well as how SlimStrips works. This is very helpful to sustain long lasting weight loss.

SlimStrips Negatives

Unfortunately, even with natural ingredients and an easy application process, there is still a lot wrong with this product. First off, the product’s website does not have a full listing of the strips ingredients. It is only mentioned as a proprietary blend of herbs and botanicals, but there are no specifics as to what they are. On top of that, there are no clinical studies, research or any scientific proof that the product actually works. All the site offers are a few random quotes from people who claim they used SlimStrips and lost weight—hardly concrete proof of its success.

SlimStrips is also on the pricey side costing more than two dollars a day for a one-month supply. Most weight loss supplements cost significantly less than this and have a lot more in the way of useful information and research.

What is highly noticeable when you navigate the SlimStrips website is that they answer many questions regarding the product, but they are often general in nature. For example, on their FAQ page, one of the questions is “What is the disadvantage to SlimStrips?” The reply is simply “You are going to have to buy a new wardrobe to fit your new figure.” Several other questions offer a coy and almost cutesy-type response.

Another question related to exercise while using SlimStrips offers a generic response stating that exercise is always a good idea and the reason many people do not do it is because they are overweight and lack energy. As you can see, there is a certain disconnect between the use of SlimStrips and losing weight and exercising. It almost seems like the product is obsolete if you follow a healthy diet and exercise.

Should You Try SlimStrips?

Using SlimStrips does not seem like it will cause any harm, but it also seems like it is completely useless if weight loss is your goal. It would be helpful for potential customers to know just exactly how (and if) the ingredients in the strip work once they are absorbed into the skin. That alone is the whole purpose of the product. As it is, none of the ingredients possess any type of appetite suppressing effect which is another problem since that is what the product claims to do.

With the lack of any real proof that this product works, you would be better off with one that has studies and science to back it up as an effective weight loss tool—and for a lot less money.

Where To Buy SlimStrips

The official website is the most obvious.

Recommended Alternatives

Garcinia cambogia Extra reviewSlimming patches although they appear to deliver similar ingredients do not compare to supplement form diet aids in the form of capsules.

The capsule that we recommend is Garcinia Cambogia. Garcinia Extra is a premium strength brand that also contains Raspberry Ketone.

Garcinia Extra can not only help to burn excess calories but prevent the formation of new fat cells

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