Best Slimming Pills For 2016 – what are the best buys of 2016

Best Slimming Pills for 2016What are the best slimming pills to buy in 2016. There are some good options out there, but finding a good slimming pill can be very time consuming and many dieters end up making the wrong choice.

Quality products deliver quality results. It’s as simple as that, and nobody knows the quality of any given product better than the people who make it, so it’s a big giveaway when manufactures shy away from offering a guarantee. The people who use the product also find out quickly whether or not it works, so the combination of a money back guarantee and good customer feedback can speak volumes.

So what are the best diet pills for 2016? We’ve done the legwork, made the necessary comparisons, and narrowed it down to just 3.

PHENQ – Combination Slimming Pills

PhenQ is a combination slimming pill that is extremely popular and its easy to see why. The thing that makes PhenQ stand out from the rest is the way the formulation has been designed to cover all the bases and support weight loss in five different ways. Many supplements are designed to offer two or more benefits, with appetite suppressing-fat burning combos probably being the most plentiful, but it’s rare to find a diet pill that is a good all-rounder. This is where PhenQ really shines.

PhenQ ukThe five benefits offered are:

  • Appetite suppression
  • Fat burning
  • Fat blocking
  • Energy boosting
  • Mood enhancing

PhenQ is manufactured by a leading European supplement manufacturer—Bauer Nutrition—so customers can be sure the formulation does not contain any of the hidden or dangerous ingredients that are found in some of the more dubious dietary products on the market. Bauer also back PhenQ with a no-quibble money back guarantee that’s good for 60 days from the date of purchase. It’s rare to find a diet pill with such a lengthy guarantee, but the pills have received such a wealth of praise from customers it’s obvious the product works. That being the case, the guarantee is probably unnecessary, but as a good faith gesture it speaks volumes for Bauer’s belief in the product.

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SUPERFRUIT SLIM – Natural Slimming Pill

Superfruit Slim Order UKSuperfruit Slim – a natural slimming pill that is incredibly popular in many parts of the world. It is a best seller in the UK, Ireland, Australia as well as Canada and the United States.

It has so many good qualities. The product itself is highly effective – it has many success stories attached to it. It is made by a reputable company that offers a long 60 day money back guarantee. And of course the ingredients are natural and will not side effects.

  • Completely natural
  • Burns fat
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Helps to protect against ageing
  • Helps to prevent fatigue and stress

Like the other two supplement that made our list of best diet pills for 2016, Superfruit Slim is designed to provide safe, side effect-free weight loss and a plenitude of customer reviews swear it does just that. Optimum Nutra offers a 60-day money back guarantee, so the period allowed for evaluation is longer than most of its rivals

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Garcinia cambogia Extra reviewGarcinia Cambogia Extra combines the fat fighting abilities of two of the most powerful weight loss ingredients in the world—garcinia cambogia and raspberry ketones. There are no other ingredients and Garcinia Cambogia Extra may prove to be a godsend for dieters who cannot tolerate the stimulants that are included in so many alterative diet pill options. In fact, fruit based diet pills like Garcinia Cambogia Extra are more likely to provide side-effect free weight loss than any other type of supplement available. The pills are manufactured in the UK by Advanced Health and several customers state use of the capsules has helped them achieve weight losses of 11kg or more.

The formulation is designed to trim and sculpt the figure in several ways:

  • By providing appetite control
  • By inhibiting fat production
  • By providing tighter abs, a firmer butt, and thinner legs

Amazingly, all of this can be achieved with just one capsule per day. This is a fact that would be very hard to take on faith, but customer feedback backs it up, so Advanced Health must have put together an extremely powerful formulation and the one capsule per day dosage requirement allows dieters to pick an easy to remember time and stick to it. Like PhenQ, Garcinia Cambogia Extra is sold with a 60-day money back guarantee that allows customers a generous amount of time to evaluate the results.

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How to Keep the Weight Off after Taking Weight Loss Supplements

how to keep the weight offThere are many weight loss supplements that are quite effective in removing the excess pounds. However, many people will quickly gain all the weight back that they have lost once they stop taking these supplements.

This is because most weight loss supplements create a temporary condition in the body that allows it to shed the pounds. Once these supplements are no longer being taken, this condition goes away and your body reverts back to its slower metabolism and starts gaining the weight back.

Here are a few ways to keep the weight off after you stop taking the supplements. Each of these methods will work over time if you focus and stick to them.

Weigh Yourself Once Each Week

ScalesIt’s far easier to catch and stop potential weight gain early than later when it becomes more difficult. By weighing yourself once each week, you can see if your weight starts to balloon back up and stop the process. You should expect to vary by a couple of pounds each time you weigh in, but if you notice two straight weeks of regaining your weight, then it is time to make adjustments.

Exercise Regularly

This is perhaps the most important way to keep the weight off is by boosting your metabolism naturally through exercise. Both aerobic and anaerobic exercise can bolster your metabolism so that it keeps your weight at normal levels.

In addition, it is important to vary your exercise routine as well to keep the muscles guessing and to keep the metabolism raised. Also, you can vary the times in which you exercise so that you can help keep the weight from coming back.

Eat More Filling Foods

avocado is fillingFilling does not mean more calories either. Foods such as soups and salads with low fat dressing are great appetizers that can keep your weight down without undergoing the typical hunger pangs that are associated with eating less food.

You can also fill your diet with fruits and vegetables to help keep your weight in check. Even if your overall metabolism slows down because you are off the weight loss supplements, it is still difficult for you to regain the weight if you have significantly cut down on the calories.

Drink More Water

woman drinkingWater is one of the best appetite suppressants and serves to help your body function better during the day. As an analogy, water to the body is like oil for your car engine. It helps to lubricate and keep your motor running smoothly. This means that your body does its work better when it is fully hydrated.

You don’t have to drink a great deal of water, but you do want to drink a large glass before lunch and dinner to keep your appetite satiated and prevent the hunger pangs that can lead you to cheat on your diet. Furthermore, being fully hydrated can help with your exercise goals as well.

All of these tips can help you keep from gaining the weight back that you have lost. You will also want to consult with your physician to find other methods of weight management that can work for you.

Why do you need a fat burner

Yacon Root Slimming Pills – burn fat and suppress appetite

Yacon Root slimming tabletsThe health benefits provided by the yacon plant have been utilized for many hundreds of years, and its use both a food and a medicinal compound can be traced at least as far back as the ancient Incan civilization (1438).

The weight loss potential of the plant was never put under the microscope though, until 2004, when a team of scientists at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (Peru), began testing various forms of yacon extract and discovered the inherent fructooligosaccharides (FOS) can promote weight loss when consumed on a daily basis.

The scientists also noted that, of all the yacon compounds tested, yacon root provided the best results and, despite its sweet taste, any rise in blood sugar levels was minimal.

Yacon Root slimming tablets at Evo SLimmingYacon Root Pure 500mg from Evolution-Slimming is a premium brand and the most popular in the UK. It contains the exact daily requirement of the yacon root and also a daily diet booklet to help you get the best out of the product

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Yacon was put under the microscope again in 2009, and once again the results were positive. After 120 days of supplementing their normal diet with two doses of yacon syrup (0.29 g), the test subjects showed a successful weight loss in three significant areas:

  • Reduction in bodyweight
  • Reduced waist measurement
  • Decrease in BMI

Despite such positive results, on two separate occasion, in tests conducted by different groups of scientists; the mass media remained ignorant to the potential weight loss benefits of yacon syrup, and may possibly have remained so if it were not for the intervention of the TV nutrition and weight loss expert, Dr. Mehmet Oz.

The Yacon Syrup Project

Yacon rootWhen Dr. Oz became aware of the aforementioned tests on yacon root, and yacon syrup in particular, he decided to feature it on one of his shows. The show was first aired in November 2013 and it is this show that is responsible for the present buzz that surrounds the syrup.

One of the main reasons behind the success of the show, and the subsequent marketing success of yacon syrup, could be due to the way Oz presented his show.

  • He put together a team of doctors and nutrition experts and asked them to share their views on the benefits of yacon syrup as pertains to weight loss, and the majority of these experts agreed the compound appears to have potential.
  • He referred to the positive results garnered from the previous tests.
  • Oz conducted his own independent test— The Yacon Syrup Project.

The original test group consisted of 60 women. Each of them agreed to eat one teaspoonful of yacon syrup, before their main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), for a period of four weeks. A third of the women dropped out before the project was completed, but the 40 remaining project members attained the following results:

  • 29 of them lost weight
  • 14 showed a weight loss of five pounds or more
  • The average weight loss was 2.9 pounds
  • The average waistline reduction was 1.9 inches

The combined weight loss came to 153 lbs. and 27 of the women stated they recommended yacon syrup for weight loss. One of the most interesting things about this test is the women were encouraged not to make any changes to their normal diet or any fitness routine that they may or may not have been following when the test began. Oz wanted to see if the syrup could benefit dieters as a stand-alone product and the test results suggest that it can.

FOS: The Secret Ingredient in Yacon Root

Yacon syrup is a very sweet-tasting substance, but it contains only a minimal amount simple sugar (sucrose, fructose, glucose). Most of its sweetness comes from the high FOS content (30%), and FOS is known to support weight loss in two main ways:

  • It is so low in calories that its consumption is unlikely to result in weight gain.
  • It is a prebiotic that can produce weight loss by redressing the balance between friendly and non-friendly bacteria in the colon and lower intestine.

The reason FOS is so low in calories is due to its ability to resist the digestive enzymes. This allows it to pass straight through the stomach without causing any rise in the blood sugar level that may then result in the formation of fresh body fat.  The prebiotic nature of FOS is infinitely more interesting though.

Benefits of Yacon Root

The colon and intestines contain two different kinds of bacteria, the non-friendly (which can contribute to weight gain) and the friendly (Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillius). Dr. Oz dubbed these the “skinny bacteria” because of their power to facilitate weight loss.

In many ways FOS could be seen as being friendly towards friendly bacteria, because its presence in the gut feeds them and results in their increasing in number; but FOS restricts the growth of unfriendly bacteria. This produces several notable benefits, including more efficient digestion of food, and this can be very beneficial to weight loss.

Other notable results include:

  • Increased tissue sensitivity to insulin
  • Prevents the synthesis of cholesterol in the liver
  • Immune system support
It seems likely that further study could reveal even more about the health potential of FOS and how it enables yacon syrup to be such a valuable weight loss tool, but maybe the “how”s and “why”s are not as important as the results, and the results so far look very good indeed.

Where To Buy Yacon Root

Yacon Root slimming tabletsAs mentioned above Yacon Root supplements are now available and proving to be very much in demand. UK based slimming supplement Evolution Slimming have a premier product for sale that is arguably the best in the industry.

Yacon Root 500mg provides the exact daily dose of yacon and does not contain any artificial stimulants or additives.

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