Alli Slimming Pill Review

alli slimming pillsAlli is a unique product and it is a category of its own.  Alli is a non-prescription diet pill, but at the same time it has been granted approval by the FDA.

The FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) is the American counterpart of the UK MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority).

Both organizations try to ensure that public health is protected, and that all medicines and similar health products, which people buy to improve their health and well-being, are acceptably safe and beneficial.

Drugs, slimming products and food supplements usually belong to the following two categories. The first comprises the drugs, whose ingredients are pharmaceutically manufactured chemical substances.

These products require FDA approval before they enter the market.  In the second category belong products which contain only natural substances, usually extracts from herbs and plants, and these products do not need approval.  They are sold over the counter and no prescription is needed.

Alli Origins

xenical orlistatAlli is a non-prescription slimming pill, which has a lower-strength composition than Orlistat, a prescription diet product with the common trade name Xenical

Orlistat is a powerful drug, widely used against severe obesity cases, which prevents the absorption of fats reducing this way the daily intake of calories.

Alli has exactly the same properties as Orlistat but it contains a lesser quantity of its active ingredients, so it is allowed to be marketed as an over-the-counter drug. Alli is produced by GlaxoSmithKline and is now available in the UK market.

GlaxoSmithKline promotes Alli in the best possible way, and with every bottle of pills consumers buy, they offer a diet and exercise programme which, they claim, will enhance Alli results.

This programme is not something unique or extraordinary, and even if you don’t get it along with Alli, you can find a great number of similar healthy diet and exercise regimes absolutely free on the Internet.

How Alli Works

As we mentioned above, Alli works by preventing the fats we consume from being absorbed by the digestive system.  These blocked fats remain undigested, go through the stomach, and then leave the body through bowel movements.

Alli Side Effects

Alli does not have serious side effects but the number one problem you will have when taking it, is the increased and sometimes uncontrolled number of bowel movements as the undigested fat leaves your body. Also:

  • Oily, orange coloured stools
  • Oily spots in your underwear
  • Gas with oily discharge
  • Loss of appetite, nausea and weakness

How Effective Is Alli?

FDA approved and clinically tested, Alli is certainly effective.  It will help your body lose some of its excess fat and make you feel lighter and healthier.

Recommended or Not?

Apart from its really unpleasant and sometimes embarrassing side effects, Alli could be an acceptable solution to losing a few extra pounds.

The longer you are able to stand the inconvenience of the above mentioned side effects, the more fat you will be able to lose.

Where To Buy Alli UK

Can be purchased in Boots via the high street

What About Better More Effective Alternatives?

Over the years, it has been proved that multi action diet products are the most effective non-prescription diet products you can use in your battle against excessive weight.

PhenQ ukPhenQ is our recommended diet pill – a natural fat burner that can also block fat and suppress appetite – it has gained popularity due to its portrayal in the media. PhenQ can prevent the creation of new fat cells while burning the excess that already exist. It can also suppress appetite and lower cholesterol levels.

There have been many health experts that have given their support to this natural fat burner.

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FucoTHIN – Does It Work, Side Effects And Where To Buy

Fucothin slimming pillsFucoTHIN is a new product in the UK, with a rather strange-sounding name!

FucoTHIN has been very popular with American consumers and if you visit its official website, it is advertised as the No1 selling diet pill in the United States.

However, this seems to be the same unsubstantiated claim that many other slimming products in the natural health industry make.

It sounds highly unlikely that FucoTHIN is the top US selling diet pill, as the market of health products, herbal slimming tablets or diet supplements is not as closely monitored as the prescription-drug market.  That is why you may see several products advertised as being the No 1 in their category.

What Exactly Is FucoTHIN?

Fucus slimming pillsFucoTHIN’s composition is based on Fucoxanthin, which is a substance extracted from cultivated brown seaweeds combined with cold-pressed pomegranate seed oil.  These two substances form a non-stimulant thermogenic product with fat burning properties.

Thermogenesis is a process during which the metabolic rate of the body increases and so the body requires more energy. Fat is a stored form of energy and during the thermogenesis process the body burns more fat than usual.

If this sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  There is a large number of fat burners on the market and most of them are either ineffective or cause serious side effects.

FucoTHIN is most probably just another fat burner but it is also a relatively new product. Some preliminary clinical studies in 2007 showed that the product helped study participants lose on average 14.5 pounds over 16 weeks, but only time will tell if everyday users will see the same good results.

FucoTHIN Side Effects

Fat burners usually cause some mild side effects like increased heartbeat, insomnia or restlessness.  FucoTHIN is a fat burner based on Fucoxanthin, a natural substance which increases metabolism and burns fat without stimulating the sympathetic nervous system, thus without the above-mentioned side effects.

However, there have been some rare reports on allergic reactions to the product, such as rashes and hives.

How Effective Is FucoTHIN?

There have been a lot of success stories, positive reviews and testimonials on FucoTHIN, but since most of them are found on the product’s official site, we cannot be sure whether they are biased or not.

Where to Buy It In The UK

FucoTHIN is not sold in UK stores and the best place to buy it if you don’t live in the USA, is the manufacturer’s official website.

If you are a US resident, you can buy it in almost every health store or high street outlet.

FucoTHIN Summary

The product is almost unknown in the UK market and you will have to buy it online.  You must have in mind the problems you may encounter as the product is shipped to you from across the Atlantic.

The company selling it seems reliable, but it’s not worth trying if you think of customer support issues, such as having to return or change the product.

Recommended Alternative Diet Pill

PhenQ ukPhenQ is our recommended diet pill – a natural fat burner that can also block fat and suppress appetite – it has gained popularity due to its portrayal in the media. PhenQ can prevent the creation of new fat cells while burning the excess that already exist. It can also suppress appetite and lower cholesterol levels.

There have been many health experts that have given their support to this natural fat burner.

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Acomplia Rimonabant – Is It legal

Accomplia prescription only slimming pillAcomplia is the brand name of the powerful substance Rimonabant, which is an appetite and cravings suppressant.

This is a prescription only drug.

Rimonabant manages to successfully control appetite and other addictions, but it presents a lot of serious side effects.

After numerous reports of such dangerous and life-threatening side effects, this weight-loss drug was banned from being sold in the US, in October 2008.

Is Acomplia Illegal

After the drug was banned, it is illegal to be sold either over the counter or on the Internet.  However, when it first started being used, doctors and patients were so pleased that it was considered to become the future “wonder drug” against obesity.

Hopes were raised high among overweight and dangerously obese people.  From 2006 until 2008 more than 100,000 patients were prescribed the drug.

Most of them reported that the drug was effective in suppressing their appetite and they had started losing weight successfully. But when hazardous side effects were reported, the drug had to be removed from the market.

What Exactly Is Acomplia/Rimonabant

Acomplia is a very strong drug. It can affect those parts of the brain that control cravings and addictions.

Rimonabant is the active ingredient in Acomplia pills, and it is a strong suppressant of appetite.  Rimonabant succeeds in blocking the cannabinoid brain receptors, which are responsible for controlling our craving for food, or our food dependency, as well as several other addictions.

Because of its addiction controlling properties, Acomplia was also administered to patients suffering from alcohol, drug or tobacco addictions.

Acomplia Side Effects

  • Serious stomach upsets like nausea, vomiting and diarrhea
  • Sleeping disorders, fatigue, and depression
  • Severe headaches, dizziness, and back pains
  • Stomach cramps
  • Memory loss, and in rare cases symptoms of psychosis
  • Mental and nervous system disorders
  • Tendonitis

There were several reports of more serious side effects. One woman was reported to have become suicidal while taking the pills, and there were several cases of addiction to the drug itself.

Acomplia Advantages

When it entered the market, it was considered to be one of the most effective, non-natural, appetite suppressants.  As serious side effects started being reported by the majority of consumers, the risks and damages to health were so serious that this “wonder drug” had to be banned.

Acomplia Disadvantages

The worst disadvantage of the drug is its very serious side effects ranging from simple nausea to severe depression.  The fact that it is a successful appetite suppressant is not a good reason for anyone to take such unnecessary risks. Today, there are plenty of effective appetite suppressants on the market which are effective without being dangerous.  There’s absolutely no need to buy something as risky as Acomplia.

Is It Possible to Buy Acomplia In The UK

Acomplia was originally a prescription diet pill, and doctors prescribed it only to people whose condition was compatible with the drug specifications, this way avoiding possible serious side effects. However, the drug was widely sold on the Internet, especially before its ban in 2008.  Today, you can still buy it from several websites, but your purchase will not only be illegal, but also highly dangerous for your health.

Most Reliable Diet Pill

PhenQ ukIt is widely known that one of the best and most reliable diet pill on the market today is PhenQ.  PhenQ is available to buy from it’s own official website and can be purchased without A prescription.

PhenQ can give you many benefits, it can burn body fat, block addition fat from the food you eat and also suppress appetite.

PhenQ has a long 60 day money back guarantee and is shipped free all over the world.

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Chitosan Slimming Pills – Are They Safe

Does Chitosan Work, Is It Safe

Chitosan slimming pillsChitosan is the generic term of diet products that are based on a simple substance extracted from the shells of shellfish such as lobster, shrimp or crabs.

This extract, which can absorb fats, grease and toxic substances, was first used in water purification processes, and it was later added in the composition of slimming tablets.

There are several diet products containing this ingredient, and they are available through slimming product websites or in high street stores.

The vast majority of slimming, non-prescription pills is composed mostly of natural, herbal ingredients.

Chitosan is also a natural substance. It is a polysaccharide found in the shells of crustaceans, and after it goes through a special process, it turns into a fat-absorbing substance.

Chitosan is made from shellfish – unsuitable for people with allergies

Chitosan Slimming Pills

As you have probably understood, Chitosan is a fat blocker which prevents the absorption of a part of the fats that are contained in our meals.

It works in the same way as the widely-used Xenical, (Orlistat), and a prescription-only fat blocker, which is composed of chemical substances but has become a really popular brand in the field of slimming products.

Clinical Studies

If you visit different websites that sell Chitosan diet pills, you will read a lot of unsubstantiated claims about how effective their products are.

There have been several clinical studies but they have not proved the effectiveness of Chitosan in weight loss.

One clinical study in Auckland University, in which 250 adults participated, showed that the product did not significantly contribute to weight loss, but it managed to lower cholesterol levels significantly.

The results of this study were published in September 2004 in theInternational Journal of Obesity.

There were several other studies but most of them were carried out on animals so their results cannot be conclusive of Chitosan’s effectiveness on humans.

Side Effects

There are no reports for serious side effects for short-term use of the product.  However, if the product is used for a longer period, or in larger than the recommended doses, some users may experience side effects such as:

  • Hives or other skin rashes
  • Breathing problems
  • Stomach aches or Constipation
  • Tightness in the chest or in the throat
  • Allergic reactions such as itchy or swollen ankles

Recommended or Not?

Fat binders seem to be the most effective of diet pills, and the herbal-based ones are far better than Chitosan.  We wouldn’t recommend a product of doubtful results when consumers can find several tested and clinically proven diet products that are safer and a lot more effective.

Recommended Alternatives

There are several slimming supplements that are given preference for many reasons.

PhenQ, Capsiplex, Garcinia Cambogia, Phen375 and Raspberry Ketone offer an all round better experience from a results and safety perspective.

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Ephedra Slimming Pills – Ma Huang Diet Pills

Are Ephedra Slimming Pills Legal To Buy In The UK

EphedraUntil its ban in 2005, Ephedra had been the most popular slimming pill in the weight-loss industry and a lot of diet supplements contained that powerful substance.

Used as a strong fat burning product, Ephedra attracted all those who sought a solution to their obesity problem.

Today Ephedra diet products are not available for legal purchase in the USA, in the UK or other European countries.

A ban was placed on all diet supplements containing this substance because of the large number of serious, even fatal, side effects they caused.

However, manufacturers try to connect their slimming tablets to the banned Ephedra products to make them look more effective.

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In spite of the numerous side effects of Ephedra, dieters still wrongly associate the banned substance with good weight-loss results, and they try to find similar products that are illegally sold on the Internet.

What Exactly Is Ephedra

Ephedra is a substance that is extracted from Ephedra sinica, a Chinese herb that has been used in the traditional Chinese medicine.

Its Chinese name is Ma Huang and its active ingredient is Ephedrine, a compound similar to amphetamine which can stimulate both the heart and the nervous system.

Ephedrine alkaloids are not only found in herbs of the Ephedra species, but also in a large number of other plants, and all of them are used in a wide variety of medicines in China and elsewhere.

In recent years, Ephedra was used in slimming products because it was thought that it could increase metabolism, boost energy levels in the body, and help fitness and sport enthusiasts to enhance their performance.

How Ephedra Works

Ephedra has been used as a medicinal plant for centuries. Its Chinese name is Ma Huang and it has been used to cure a large number of ailments, such as the common cold, asthma or hay fever.

Ephedra was used as a weight-loss substance because it was considered as a great stimulant with thermogenic properties which could increase the heart and metabolic rate, two factors that could lead to weight loss.

Ephedra Side Effects

As Ephedra was a legal substance before 2005, a lot of evidence was gathered about both its effectiveness and its side effects. Ephedra was accused of very serious adverse reactions and health hazards.  There have also been a couple of death cases connected to Ephedra.

Potential Ephedra Side Effects

*Anxiety, flushing and sweating
*Tremors restlessness and nervousness
*Sleep disorder or insomnia
*Headaches and dizziness
*Heart palpitations
*High blood pressure
*Restricted blood flow
*Sickness and diarrhoea
*Itching,  hives and allergies
*Risk of hemorrhagic stroke
*Increased urination

The way Ephedra was used in the West, could not offer much evidence of any other health benefits apart from its short-term weight loss capabilities, but the pill’s fame skyrocketed after it was banned.

The FDA considered Ephedra or Ephedrine alkaloids, as substances hazardous to health and recommended that consumers should discontinue their use.

While the use of traditional Chinese herbs and the health benefits of Chinese medicine are highly respected by the FDA, they had to prohibit the sales of all Ephedra-containing products on the grounds of the serious side effects these diet pills caused.

The ban was then expanded in the UK and across Europe, while many other countries all over the globe have placed a ban on Ephedra sales.

It was also believed that Ephedra could enhance athletic performance but there is no supporting evidence to such a belief.

Where to Buy Ephedra Pills

Ephedra pills are still illegal to buy in the USA and in most other countries in the world.  However, there are several sites on the Internet that sell Ephedra pills, but it is not advisable to buy any of these slimming products as they may be fake and of doubtful quality.

When Ephedra was banned in 2005, it was considered a powerful slimming drug with severe side effects. However, what was then considered a strong substance now seems something rather mild as the pill industry has advanced a lot since then.

Today most slimming products are much more powerful than Ephedra.

The good news is that while diet products today are more powerful and more effective than Ephedra, they do not cause such serious side effects. Among these powerful diet pills the least effective seem to be those in the fat-burning category.

Recommended Slimming Pills

We have complied a list of the best slimming pills to buy – this list comprises of products that are commercially available to buy without prescription and are safe for human consumption.

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